How may we be of help?

RateMyTherapist.com was established in 2020.

The intent of RateMyTherapist.com is to help clients and potential clients locate therapist that have high ratings provided by others who have used their service. It is not meant to endorse or disapprove of any therapist or the work they are doing.  One should always consult with therapist, primary care physicians and others to help make the decision to pursue therapy with a specific therapist or counselor.

The questions and areas of questions are meant to be specific and useful enough to help somebody understand another people’s experience with that counselor. We do not allow a comment section as a means to provide some Inter rater reliability and avoid unhelpful personal and off topic comments. Therapy is a highly personal experience. One person’s experience and rating doesn’t necessarily indicate the accuracy of another person’s experience or future experience. Nor does it imply the skill or educational or ethics of any particular therapist. It is merely a personal opinion by clients for information purposes only.

Only previous clients of a therapist may rate that therapist on RateMyTherapist.com. We provide a validation process to ensure that clients providing ratings for therapists have in fact had a past professional, therapeutic relationship with the therapist.
Ratings are immediately added to the existing database of past ratings and become part of the averages for the rated therapist.
The intent of the site is to provide honest feedback from clients to help others make decisions about a therapist. We hope that both potential clients and therapists find the information useful.